Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian - Post Bears Eagle Game & New Barroom Song!

November 28, 2017

After the debacle in Philadelphia it became apparent that the Chicago Bears football is now playing with less enthusiasm and gusto than they were earlier in the season. Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian dissects the game and interacts with the Barflies (Bears Barroom fans) visiting the chat room during the live show. Shayne Marsaw joins Aldo Gandia to move things along.

Finally. make sure you listen to the new Phil Ottochian song, the first of over 20 Christmas parody songs about the Bears we will release before Christmas Day.

Buffone 55 - The John Buffone Show - Bears vs Eagles

November 22, 2017

Every week John Buffone answers five questions about the Chicago Bears and five about their upcoming opponent. All responses are timed to 55 seconds. The "fives" are a tribute to his late uncle Doug Buffone who played 15 years for the Chicago Bears. 

Bears 100 Proof : Thanksgiving Show

November 21, 2017

The guys end the show by giving their annual thanks... but before that there's two hours of Bears analysis, original music and hilarity. 

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian - Post Bears Lions Game

November 20, 2017

Draft Dr. Phil breaks down the loss of the Chicago Bears to the Detroit Lions. 

Da Truth - The Bears Barroom Anthem by Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian

November 19, 2017

Draft Dr. Phil again proves his talents go beyond his football scouting and coaching. He takes to his other passion song writing, producing and rapping to come up with Da Truth, the New Bears Barroom Anthem. Since its debut on Bears 100 Proof Barflies have been clamouring for a direct download of the song and here it is.... 


Bears On Tap - Previewing the Chicago Bears Next Opponent: Detroit Lions

November 17, 2017

The 5-4 Detroit Lions venture to Soldier Field Sunday to take on a Chicago Bears team that has now lost two straight games and is 3-6. Kent Lee Platte of gives up a position-by-position assessment of the Lions and talks about the head coaching prospects of Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter and defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. Both men's names have come up in association with head coaching jobs in the past and might be considered potential candidates to replace John Fox.

Also host Aldo Gandia recounts his visit to ESPN studios where he got the Waddle and Silvy show to play Draft Dr. Phil's anthem Fire John Fox. An edited portion of that show is included here.

Buffone 55 - The John Buffone Show - Bears vs Lions at Soldier Field

November 16, 2017

Buffone 55 - The John Buffone show is the fastest paced Chicago Bears podcast available. John answers five questions about the Chicago Bears and five about their upcoming opponent, this week it's the Detroit Lions. Each question has a 55 second response limit. The fives are a tribute to John's uncle Doug Buffone who played 15 season for the Bears. 

Bears 100 Proof : New Draft Dr. Phil Song, Lots of Hijinks & More Reasons To Fire John Fox

November 15, 2017

Bears 100 Proof is a truly unique Chicago Bears podcast because it mixes in top-notch football analysis with music and jocularity. Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian and Shayne The Smartest Man in the Barroom are the stars of this night club act with Aldo Gandia serving sound effects, commentary and really bad singing. The highlight of the show is the debut of a new Draft Dr. Phil song.

Here are some chapter points for this episode.

00:00 - Pre-show eavesdropping on Draft Dr. Phil and his wife
06:22 - Official Show Open (Aldo sings a Broadway Song)
14:11 - Talking Bears & Packers Game
57:28 - Smartest Man's Tweets of the Week
1:11:51 - More Bears Talk
1:34:39 - Bear Up Bear Down
1:53:25 - New Phil Ottochian Song
2:10:00 - Shout outs & Post Show Chat

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian - Post Bears Packers Game

November 14, 2017

The worst defeat in the John Fox Chicago Bears era. Losing against the Green Bay Packers was demoralizing for fans and players. Now what's left is the countdown of when John Jox is fired. Janurary 2nd or possibly Thanksgiving week? That and more is discussed.