Buffone 55 - The John Buffone Show - Bears vs Steelers

September 21, 2017

This is the debut show of Buffone 55 - The John Buffone Show. John has 55 seconds to answer five questions about the Bears and five questions on the Pittsburgh Steeler. Why 55? Well, of course, it was the number John's uncle wore for all 14 seasons he played with the Chicago Bears.

Bears 100 Proof - Chicago Bears Lose Their Second Game and Fans Are Losing Their Patience

September 20, 2017

It's been a rough week so far for the Chicago Bears. Sunday they were torched in the sweltering sun of Tampa Bay by the Bucs. Monday head coach John Fox took heat for his press conference were he offered up lame excuses for the team's problems and player personnel decisions. And, Tuesday there were roster moves and tryouts that only made fans wonder will this football team be forced to nuke the entire front office and coaching staff.

Shayne Marsaw and Phil Ottochian offer up their smarts and analysis while Aldo Gandia serves up cheesy sound effects.

Show Open... 00:00 - 03:12
Tryouts & Roster...  03:13 - 20:00
Jordan Howard & Running Game ... 20:01 - 37:10
Vic Fangio... 37:11 - 43:41
Talking Tweets... 43:42 - 56:32
Bear Up/Bear Down... 56:33 - 1:07:10
Talking Steelers Game... 1:07:11 - 1:15:33
Closing Rants... 1:15:33 - 1:19:56
Closing Banter... 1:19:57 - 1:23:09

Bears Hour Live - Reviewing John Fox’s 9/18 Press Conference - #TrubiskyNOW

September 19, 2017

Bears Hour Live is a live weekly show we produce every Monday Night so fans could have a venue to engage in Bears talk while watching the Monday Night game. This week, during the Detroit Lions – New York Giants game, BHL focused on John Fox’s Monday press conference where he tried to talk his way through the quarterback mess he has on his hands. The show’s crew is fully endorsing a campaign to start Mitch Trubisky at quarterback, #TrubiskyNow. This version of the LIVE show has been altered to eliminate imperfections and add to your entertainment.

Re-Broadcast Of SPECIAL BEARS HOUR LIVE - #TrubiskyNOW

September 18, 2017

The Barroom had to get a special show out after the Mike Glennon debacle in Tampa Bay. We're starting a special campaign to force the Chicago Bears to start Mitch Trubisky. Listen to our 30 minute special and join the movement. #TrubiskyNOW

Bears On Tap - Bears vs Buccaneers Preview

September 15, 2017

Our weekly preview show breaks down this way:

00:00 - 04:50 - Opening tease with a Rant by show host Aldo Gandia
04:51 - 29:05 - Interview with RealBucsTalk.com's Michael Pless who gives us the rundown on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29:05 - 45:24 - Interview with Bears lover John Buffone who shares his take on week one and the upcoming game
45:25 - 47:54 - Closing thoughts

Link to RealBucsTalk.com
Michael Pless Twitter - @RealBucsTalk
John Buffone Twitter - @JDBuffone
Link to our website BearsBarroom.com

Bears 100 Proof: Week One Review & Week 2 Preview

September 13, 2017

Another episode of Bears 100 Proof employing analysis and jocularity. Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian and Shayne "The Smartest Man in the Barroom" Marsaw join Aldo Gandia to discuss these topics:

Show Open / 00:00  - 03:22
John Fox / 03:23 - 17:36
Roster Moves & Tanner Gentry / 17:37 - 13:34
Dumbest & Best Tweets / 13:35 - 43:48
Tarik Cohen / 43:49 - 50:15
Kyle Long / 50:16 - 57:54
Alshon Jeffrey / 57:55 - 1:02:48
Bear Up -- Bear Down / 1:02:49 -1:13:06
Tampa Bay / 1:13:07 - 1:22:47  
Show Close & Post Show Comments / 1:22:48 - 1:27:57

Bear Hour Live - Commentary on Chicago Bears Week One Game

September 12, 2017

Bears Hour Live is our weekly gabfest where we review the previous game played by the Chicago Bears. Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian shares his unique and outspoken opinions on head coach John Fox, the play of Mike Glennon, the injury to Kevin White and much more. Aldo Gandia is the host and he welcomes Bears Barroom contributor Ciaran Hall and twitter gadfly Mike Brez to the conversation.

Bears Hour Live - Reviewing Week One - Falcons At Bears

September 12, 2017

Bears Hour Live is our weekly gabfest covering the day-after thoughts of the Chicago Bears game. (This is a re-broadcast of the Live version.) Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian comments on various topics including the questionable coaching decisions by John Fox, the play of quarterback Mike Glennon and more. Aldo Gandia hosts the show and guests include Bears Barroom contributor Ciaran Hall and twitter gadfly Mike Brez.

Bears On Tap - Bears vs Falcons Preview

September 8, 2017

Last year's NFC Conference champion Atlanta Falcons will be one of the Chicago Bears most formidable challengers when they play at Soldier Field on Sunday. Aaron Freeman who covers the Falcons for FalcFans.com  provides insight into this year's version of the team. Later Ross Read, co-host of the Mac & Read show and host of the Coffin Corner podcast talks about the Bears.

Make sure you catch host Aldo Gandia's Preposterous Predictions at the end of the show and the closing NFL Films track... The Power and The Glory to get you psyched for week one.

Time Line:

Show Open - 00:00 - 03:12
Talking Falcons - 03:12 - 28:04
Talking Bears -28:05 - 47:22
Preposteropus Predictions - 47:23 - 48:52
NFL Films -48:53 to End


Twitter Links
Aaron Freeman - @falcfans
Ross Read - @RossRead 
ldo Gandia - @BearsBarroom