Bears Barroom Radio - Draft Week - Part 2

April 26, 2017

Here at Bears Barroom Radio, we've never been shy about sharing our gabfests. This being draft week, we figured there was a lot of information to share, topics to debate and jokes to crack. This is part two of our draft week talk-a-thon. Expect part 3 later today!


Bears Barroom Radio: Draft Week Part One

April 25, 2017

It's draft week! Finally! The barflies have so much to talk about they ran this week's show into two parts. In part one, the main portion of the show is dedicated to a four round mock draft with each of the analysts given a round to play GM. Part two is out Wednesday. 


Bears Barroom Radio: Danny Shimon’s 7 Round Bears Mock Draft

April 20, 2017

Danny Shimon is a Scouting Assistant for,NFL Draft Columnist for and one of our Scouting Analysts here at He shares his 7-round Chicago Bears mock draft in this latest installment of Bears Barroom Radio. Follow Danny on twitter @dshimon56


Bears Barroom Radio: Is Draft A QB In Rd 1 Necessary?

April 18, 2017

Is it absolutely necessary for the Chicago Bears to draft a quarterback in round one? Bears Barroom Radio host Aldo Gandia plays the naysayer to his guests' insistence that Ryan Pace must draft a quarterback in round one. On the panel are Phil Ottochian and Lorin Cox of and Shayne Marsaw Lead Analyst at



Bears Barroom Radio - Draft Day Trade Scenarios With Browns & Titans

April 13, 2017

Earlier this week Aldo Gandia authored two stories at where he looked at possible draft day trade scenarios with the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans. In this podcast, Aldo plays out those scenarios with sportswriters pretending to be general managers.

First up is Jeff Risdon who just recently launched an exciting new podcast, Reddit NFL Podcast. You can find it by hitting this twitter page: @RedditNFLPod. Risdon is also the Managing Editor of and therefore a perfect choice to play Cleveland Browns GM Sashi Brown.

Then, Aldo, playing GM Ryan Pace, talks to Matias Wodner of  Matias impersonates Titans' GM Jon Robinson. You can find Matias at @matiwod

There's more on the podcast as Jeff provides insight into Draft Mapping and both guests give us clues on the where the Browns and Titans are in with trade prospects.


Bears Barroom Radio - 7 Round Mock Draft

April 11, 2017

Lorin Cox of Bears Hour Live and was asked to become Ryan Pace and conduct a seven-round mock draft. Cox and Aldo Gandia go through each pick and discuss their potential fit in the Bears' roster. It's good fun and lots of information. 


Bears Barroom Radio - Ian Wharton’s Draft Guide

April 7, 2017

There are three segments to this installation of Bears Barroom Radio (BBRR). The main part of the show is a discussion with the author of Ian Wharton's 2017 Draft Guide. Ian provides analysis on some of the draft prospects who have visited with the Chicago Bears over the last few months. Phil Ottochian is back to answer some questions from our Twitter followers. And, BBRR host Aldo Gandia shares some thoughts about comedy legend Don Rickles who recently passed away at the age of 90.

Make sure you follow Ian on Twitter (@NFLFilmStudy) and take a look at the free sample of his draft guide by going to .


Bears Barroom Radio - Mock Draft with Phil Ottochian

April 5, 2017

Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian and Aldo Gandia compare mock drafts in our latest Bears Barroom Podcast.


Bears Barroom Radio - TMock Draft with Shayne Marsaw & Jose Cotto

March 31, 2017

Jose Cotto and Shayne Marsaw discuss their mock drafts. Humor that is NSFW.


Bears Barroom Radio - Talking With Bears Hour Live Co-Hosts

March 29, 2017

Aldo Gandia, the host of Bears Barroom Radio, welcomes the masterminds of Bears Hour Live, Phil Ottochian and Lorin Cox, the podcast and You Tube video series. The three talk about various topics including this year's crop of safeties, Phil's love of Jabrill Peppers, the possibilities of Mike Glennon being a true No. 1 quarterback and much more. As always, there are juvenile jokes for adults only.