Bears 100 Proof - Fox Era Coming To A Close

December 27, 2017

Shayne Marsaw is on Injured Reserve for this week's show, but don't you worry ... Alec Lifschultz, aka, Trey Bizzy steps in and delivers.

00:00 - Tequilla
01:44 - Show Open
20:25 - Opening Rant by Aldo
30:50 - Trey on Ryan Pace
39:50 - Phil on Coaching Candidates
1:40:40 - Tweets of the Week
1:24:47 - Trey Bizzy's Steak & Whiskey
1:33:36 - Bear Up/Bear Down
1:54:54 - Frauduka, the Bonus Christmas Song
2:07:25 - Christmas Presents
2:17:40 - Shoutouts

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian - Christmas Eve Special

December 24, 2017

On the eve of Christmas eve, Draft Dr. Phil held a special Bears Hour Live show at it was spectacular. 

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil’s All I Want For Christmas

December 23, 2017

Draft Dr. Phil knows exactly what all Chicago Bears want for the holidays... a new head coach!

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil’s Da Barroom’s Favorite Things

December 22, 2017

Christmas is a time for giving. In Draft Dr. Phil's Da Barroom's Favorite Things he gives us a few things to be grateful for as Bears fans. 

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil’s Chicago Christmas

December 22, 2017

Draft Dr. Phil's Chicago Christmas captures the disappointment of being a Chicago Bears fan, but also how the Bears Barroom has been able to help by engaing with fans and providing humor to temper the sad analysis of the football being played.

Buffone 55 - The John Buffone Show - Bears vs Browns

December 21, 2017

Two of the worst teams in pro football play on Christmas Eve, but we have the gift of John Buffone to provide an entertaining take on the upcoming match-up.

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil’s Glennon Got Pushed Over

December 20, 2017

Mike Glennon was a disaster as the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. Then one day, Glennon got pushed over... Well Draft Dr. Phil does it much better,,,

Bears 100 Proof - Ford Field, Fox, Trubisky, Steak & Whiskey and Much More

December 20, 2017

Another fun fest of laughs, parody songs, football analysis and mayhem with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian, Shayne The Smartest Man in the Barroom Marsaw and Aldo the Barkeep Gandia. This week's show features the debut of Trey Bizzy's Steak & Whiskey: Who Needs Pussy? segment.


00:00 - Pre-show Banter
02:45: Debut of Glennon Got Pushed Over
06:08 - We Hate John Fox 
08:51 - Welcome
15:07 - Can Fox Survive?
34:05 - Trubsiky
48:35 - Tweets of the Week
1:16:20 - Steak & Whiskey: Who Needs Pussy?
1:25:15 - Bear Up/Bear Down
1:49:25 - Shoutouts & Close

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil’s A Foxless Christmas

December 19, 2017

The critics are unanimous: Time magazine raves, "A Foxless Christmas" is a parody song for the ages, Billboard magazine says, "Draft Dr. Phil has reached deep inside his soul to deliver yet another holiday gem." And, Sports Illustrated proclaims, "If Draft Dr. Phil ever does a live concert with these songs, we're there!"