Bears On Tap: Talking Draft with Jeff Risdon

March 23, 2018

Noted football scribe and radio commentator Jeff Risdon (@JeffRisdon) joins Aldo Gandia to talk about the NFL Draft. As Managing Editor of Jeff has a keen perspective on what the Cleveland Browns might do with the two draft picks they possess. What they do could potentiality heavily impact the Chicago Bears.

Jeff shares who are the top ten players on his Big Board and how he sees the draft's unfolding before the Bears pick.

Before that Aldo shares some thoughts on free agency. 

Bears 100 Proof - The Mike North Show

March 21, 2018

Another amazing Bears 100 Proof. Sports radio legend Mike North stopped by the Barroom and debated three main topics with the fellas:

  1. Why North wanted John Fox to remain as head coach
  2. His unhappiness with Mitch Trubisky's performance
  3. Why he thinks Jordy Nelson would have been a better investment than Allen Robinson

The talk is animated, funny and the Barroom is very grateful to Mike for stopping by,

Additionally, the guys do their regular segments:

  • Tweets of the Week
  • Steak and Whiskey
  • Shoutouts

One other segment has the Barkeep expressing his frustration to those who do not understand the the satire of Bears 100 Proof.

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil - Kyle Fuller, Mitch Trubisky & More

March 20, 2018

This week's Bears Hour Live show doubled in size as Draft Dr. Phil, his guest Shayne Marsaw and the questions moderated by BearsGrl added an extra 55 minutes of pure Chicago Bears talk and fun.


Bears On Tap: Talking News Chicago Bears Players With Chris Emma of The Score

March 17, 2018

The Chicago Bears are being praised throughout the NFL for their free agent acquistions. Aldo Gandia interviews Chris Emma, Bears reporter for, to get his take, 

Bears Barroom Comedy Short: Believe It Or Not

March 16, 2018

One of the unique things about is that besides analysis and opinion from knowledgable and opinionated guests and hosts we also share our displeasure and hopes about the Chicago Bears in music. During a recent Bears 100 Proof show, Alec Lifschultz, aka Trey Bizzy, called Ryan Pace an "American Hero" for his acquistion of new players Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, Taylor Gabriel and Cody Parkey. That inspired Bears Barroom founder Aldo Gandia to produce this parody song, "Believe It Or Not."

Bears 100 Proof - Free Agency Frenzy - SPECIAL GUEST - Greg Gabriel

March 15, 2018

The Chicago Bears entered free agency with a splash and that's deserving of a special Bears 100 Proof show. Live! On Wednesday, March 14th a couple of hours after the offical start of free agency Draft Dr. Phil, Shayne The Smartest Man Marsaw and Aldo Gandia welcomed special guest Pro Football Weekly's Greg Gabriel to discuss new signings and the upcoming draft. Additionally, BearsGrl was at the Breaking News desk sharing the latest updates, Trey Bizzy brought his special brand of insight and humor and Dustin Regan-Padilla provided updates on what the other NFC North teams have done in free agency. As always ... Bears 100 Proof contains material not suited for immature audience NSFW.

00:00 - Show Open with New Draft Dr. Phil Song
12:40 - Discussion of Free Agent Signings
28:00 - Guest: Pro Football Weekly & Former Chicago Bears Scouting Director, Greg Gabriel
1:03:24 - Bad Tweet of the Week
1:12:53 - Good Tweet of the Week
1:24:40 - Trey Bizzy's Steak & Whiskey
1:51:15 - GUEST: Dustin Regan-Padilla, Contributor
2:09:50 - More Football Talk
3:00:05 - Show Close

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil - Free Agency Foreplay

March 13, 2018

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil is focused on the Chicago Bears free agent possibilities.

Bears On Tap - NFL Combine Reports

March 11, 2018

This edition of Bears On Tap is dedicated to the NFL Combine. Here's the show rundown:

00:00 - Show Open & Aldo's Opening Thought
03:50 - Sports therapist Mike Ryan talks about the  importance of the NFL Combine's physicals
22:50 - Introduce Danny Shimon and Phil Rainey
31:42 - Quarterbacks
38:55 - Wide receivers
53:36 - Running backs
1:02:20 - Tight Ends
1:07:07 - Offensive guards
1:14:14 - Centers
1:18:33 - Offensive tackles
1:30:50 - Defensive Backs
1:38:40 - Defensive line and linebackers
1:55:44 - Tremaine Edmunds vs Quenton Nelson

Bears 100 Proof - The Case for Quenton Nelson or Trumaine Edmunds

March 8, 2018

Bears 100 Proof is our weekly multi-hour Bears Infotainment Show. Original music, un-original jokes and plenty of analysis of the Chicago Bears. This is the rundown for this week's show:

00:00 - Pre-Show--- Draft Dr. Phil's encounter with bikers
03:07 - Official Show Open
10:07 - Transition tag on Kyle Fuller
20:00 - Sammy Watkins & Allen Robinson
29:22 - Tyrell Williams... sleeper?
37:18 - Bad Tweet of the Week
46:57 - Good Tweet of the Week
51:00 - Steak & Whiskey
1:01:22 - Quenton Nelson or Trumaine Edmunds
1:42:00 Shoutouts
1:53:05 - What Does Aldo's Mother Say