Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr Phil’s Lunch With Larry Mayer

December 13, 2017
00:0000:00 staff writer Larry Mayer has a feature named Lunch With Larry and that's inspired Draft Dr. Phil to produce this new Bears holiday parody song.

Bears 100 Proof - Special Truth Christmas & Demon House

December 13, 2017

Show Rundown:

00.00 - Christmas CD Commerical
05:30 - Opening Show Banter
13:10 - Bears Beat Bengals
16:10 - Trubisky
28:50 - Bears Safeties
42:50 - Tweets of the Week
1:04:30 - Bears Win Out?
1:10:10 Mr. Magoo debates Draft Dr. Phil on Cody Whitehair
1:36:54 Demon House
1:46:21 Bear Up/Bear Down
2:10:38 Shout Outs
2:30:25 New Christmas Song - Lunch With Larry Mayer

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr Phil’s Silent Fox

December 13, 2017

You'll never again listen to the traditional "Silent Night" without changing the words to, "Please John Fox go away..." Draft Dr. Phil's "Silent Fox." an instant classic!

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian -Bears Beat Bengals

December 12, 2017

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil looks at the Chicago Bears win over the Cincinnati Bengals

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr Phil’s Joy Is Jordan Howard

December 11, 2017

After Sunday's gift of greatness by Jordan Howard we re-arranged our distribution calendar for our Bears parody Christmas songs. Joy To Jordan Howard is an Draft Dr. Phil's way of giving us a joyful way to celebrate the Bears running back.

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian’s Blue Christmas

December 10, 2017

Every Chicago Bears fan is suffering from a blue Christmas as long as John Fox still coaches the team. Leave it to Draft Dr. Phil to perfectly capture the moment with his latest Bears Christmas parody song, Blue Christmas.

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Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian’s Ted Phillips

December 9, 2017

The Grinch that steals the gift of the playoffs year after year is Bears CEO Ted Phillips. 

Remember there's still time to enter the sweepstakes where we give away a CD with all 22 songs! Go here

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian’s Let Him Go

December 9, 2017

When Disney released the movie Frozen, "Let It Go" because a global hit. It's messages of liberation and acceptance are cited as part of its drawm Now Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian has taken that song and made a parody with messages of non-acceptance of Bears head coach John Fox and the need for fans to be liberated of him. He calls it "Let Him Go."

Buffone 55: The John Buffone Show - Bears vs Bengals

December 8, 2017

John Buffone tackles five questions about the Chicago Bears and five about their upcoming opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. Each response is timed for a 55 second duration. The fives are in honor of the late Doug Buffone, John's uncle, who wore number 55 for 15 seasons eith the Bears. Also on this episode, John debuts the latest Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian Christmas parody song that pokes fun at the team. It's called Let Him Go.