Mikey The Red Faced Giraffe – Another Bears Parody Christmas Song That Will Go Down In History

December 8, 2017

We know Danny, Mitchell, Tarik and Dion. Jordan, Kyle, Dontrelle, and Cre’Von. But do you recall...  the most embarrassing player of all?

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Produced by: @BearsBarroom & @FulphilO
Lyrics by @FulphilO
Performed by @FulphilO
Artwork by @BearsGrl80

Bears 100 Proof - Holiday Parody Songs & Venting

December 7, 2017

This week's Bears 100 Proof has the guys doing some holiday venting, holiday parody songs and welcoming holiday lover Alec Lifschultz, aka Trey Bizzy (@TreyBizzyto the show. Also making an appearance is BearsGrl who explains the rules of our holiday CD sweepstakes.

00.00 - Halas Hall Is Gonna Fall Down Song
00:00 - Show Open with Dowell Loggains 
07:45 - Talking Chicago Sports Media
38:20 - Little Dumber Boy Christmas Song Parody
41:00 - Christmas Album Sweepstakes Rules with BearsGrl
50:05 - Tweets of the Week
1:03:25 - Alec Lifschultz aka Trey Bizzy
1:10:00 - Bears wide receivers
1:37:50 - Bear Up & Bear Down
2:05:15 - Shoutouts

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian’s Halas Hall Is Gonna Falling Down

December 6, 2017

Ooooh, Yeaaaah! Christmas time is a time for celebration. A time for giving. A time for love. It's also a time to tear Halas Hall down!
Draft Dr. Phil's latest masterwork.

Produced by @FulphilO  and @BearsBarroom 
Performed and Lyrics by @FulphilO
Artwork by @BearsGrl80
Inspired by the Barflies 

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian’s Little Dumber Boy

December 6, 2017

The third cut from Draft Dr. Phil's holiday album "A Special Truthful Christmas" is "Little Dumber Boy." You won't be able to get this holiday classic out of your mind, just like Bears fans can't get John Fox and Dowell Loggains out of town.  

Fire Fox Christmas

December 5, 2017

Have a Fire Coach John Fox Christmas Everyone! 

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian - Talking Latest Loss & “A Fire Fox Christmas” Song Parody

December 5, 2017

Who provides top notch Chicago Bears football analysis and original parody Christmas songs? That's what you get with Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian. An undeniably unique football talk and song show.

Bears On Tap - Studying the San Francisco 49ers

December 1, 2017

Host Aldo Gandia gets a position-by-position breakdown of the San Francisco 49ers from "Better Rivals" podcast host and producer Oscar Aparicio.

Oscar also shares why he believes the Niners fleeced the Bears on the draft-day Trubisky trade.

Find Oscar on twitter @BetterRivals 

Buffone 55: The John Buffone Show - Bears vs 49ers

November 30, 2017

Every week John Buffone answers five questions about the Chicago Bears and five about their upcoming opponent. All responses are timed to 55 seconds. The "fives" are a tribute to his late uncle Doug Buffone who played 15 years for the Chicago Bears. This week Buffone talks Bears and 49ers 

Bears 100 Proof - Talking Bears, Eagles, Christmas Songs and Welcoming Kris Armstrong

November 29, 2017

The adult night club act we call Bears 100 Proof welcomes a special guest, Bears Barroom blogger Kris Armstrong.
Rundown of the hijinks:

Theme Song

0.00.00 - Opening theme Song
0.02.44 - Strippers Comments
0.06.15 - Intros and Talking Bears
0.19.40 - Christmas Parody Song
0.35.10 - Tweets of the Week
1.01.30 - Kris Armstrong Talks Bears
1.19.05 - Bear-up/Bear-down
1.51.45 - More About Kris
1.56.30 - Shout outs