BBRR: Guess Who’s Back? Pre-Camp Show (Part 1)

July 20, 2017

After a summer hiatus the barflies are back to talk football and bust balls. The time away was so long the guys rapped for two hours so we've divided things up into two one hour shows.

As always the guys bring their own inimitable styles:

Lorin Cox (@CoxSports1) always displays his Xs & Os knowledge while minding his Ps & Qs with a dash of R-rated talk
Phil Ottochian (@FulphilO) aka Draft Dr. Phil is a football savant who is never lacking a learned opinion 
Shayne Marsaw (@wasram) through win, lose or tie the mailman, as he's known, always delivers well researched opinions
Aldo Gandia (@BearsBarroom) is the show's host and long-time Bears fan. He's followed the team since 1967 and leads the group in hangovers.

Jose Cotto (@Deuce_Pesos) was unable to join the reunion show, but we hope to have him back soon.

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